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Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC) Bank Guarantee (BG) Letter of Credit (LC) = MT760
SBLC is a Stand By Letter of Credit which is used for international trading purposes. SBLC is the Singapore form of the well known as Bank Guarantee(BG) Document Letter of Credit (LC). The Swift code is MT760.

SBLC (and BG) could be used to enhance client's ability to apply for a line of credit with client's bank, furthermore, it could be used as collateral when client's bank is asking for additional comfort for Project fund purpose. SBLC, we deal in are genuine 100% cash-backed and therefore usable as collateral. Our issuers only use top World Banks where are guarantees worldwide acceptance of client's SBLC.

The SBLC is generally issued for 90 days and 180 days, anyway it is able to extend up to 1 year 1 day once the issued SBLC is transferred to client's bank via the Swift protocol of MT760.

Absolutely, Leasing of an SBLC comes at a cost. Financing client's project by using SBLC, the client should prepare the fee to the consultants facilitating the process. To successfully apply for SBLC the most points are awareness as following list:

  1. 1. The good project presentation is required
  2. 2. The great bank funding the client's project based on the supporting collateral of an issued SBLC is most importance.
  3. 3. Settlement the leasing fee by cash for the leasing of SBLC is required

Once the leasing fee is paid, the contract is signed, and the bank instrument is processing within 7 bank's working days. MT-760.com could provide BG's, SBLC's and DLC, which could be blocked or delivered via SWIFT. Typical projects we have had successful applications for are:

  • - Construction and Development
  • - Resorts -Building or Upgrading
  • - Growing a Company
  • - Import –Export Business

Legal Disclaimer

We have often times been asked to do things that are unethical, immoral, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal. We would like to make it VERY clear that we would NOT participate in any transaction that we feel "uneasy" with or that our legal counsel tells us is against the laws (or even closes to breaking the law). So,all illegal processes would be declined...

If client is a developer that is seeking for financing or funding to develop a real estate project, we could assist client. Client as the developer can "lease" an instrument from us (really this is not a lease, this is an issuance on client's behalf) and the instrument might or might not be able to be used as collateral for a loan for client's project. It heavily depends on how we issue the instrument. In some scenarios we (or one of our many partners) will allow for an instrument to be issued on client's behalf that may have the ability to be "cashed" or "called" on-demand (usually this is done as collateral for a loan). This would be a fully cash-backed SBLC (drafted with "site draft"), would be fully unencumbered, and shall be issued to client's benefit (or benefit of the lender). In this case, we would require some sort of collateral or joint venture. Please kindly contact us for more details. Other scenarios the SBLC shall be issued for "Credit Enhancement" purposes (in these scenarios the instrument would not be able to be cashed or called), however client would not be allowed to use this to deceive or defraud a bank. If client is asked about the origination of the instrument we demand that client is honest and upright with the bank or lender.

Program Highlights

  • - Both Proof of Funds and SBLC services Available
  • - USD 200K to 10 Million
  • - Terms from 90 days to 12 months, discounts for longer term usage
  • - You have access to all paperwork in less than 72 hours after confirmation
  • - Brokers protected and paid for referrals!
  • - No Credit Check or Financial Statements Required
  • - Standard bank Verification of Deposit provided for all accounts
  • - Bank accounts opened and confirmed in writing by bank officers
  • - SWIFT MT799, MT760, MT720, and MT999 confirmation options available
  • - Corporate envelope SWIFT MT798 and MT710 services available